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Saturday, 07 December 2019
CNC Milling

 VT Metal Kft has a significant machining capacity on its more than 3000m2 production site. Depending on the process requirement, we produce our customers’ parts either on CNC lathes or CNC machining centres. Moreover, we have various supplementary equipment: plain grinder, centerless grinder, cutting equipment, vibrating tumbling barrels, sand-blasting machine. Among our products there are many being machined of aluminium casts in which we have an experience of decades. In case surface treatment is also required on the part, we can carry out in our own galvanisation workshop (galvanisation)

  • Our Capabilities
  • Engineering Support
  • Tool Production
  • Assembly

Machine parameters

Vertical and horizontal machine layout, work-piece change by pallet changer.

Working space dimensions

Up to 700x900x700

Part size
Dimensional tolerances

From 50x50x50mm to 400x400x400mm
Up to IT 7

Production capacity

75,000 hours/year

Semi-finished products

Cast and extruded aluminium, non-ferrous metal, steel

Supplementary operations



Semiautomatic ultrasonic degreasing

Vibrating deburring

3 PCs of vibrating tumbling barrel for aluminium parts, 4 PCs for steel.


2 PCs of impregnation tank under vacuum (for aluminium alloys)

Surface treatment

Zinc plating, chemical nickel, (surface treatment)

Capability testing

Well equipped measuring room:

    -3 D measuring machine
    -Hardness tester
    -Surface roughness tester
    -Strength tester
    -Outline meter


ISO 9001:2000,  ISO/TS  16949,   ISO 14 001

Data change

AutoCAD, e-mail, ability to receive drawings in  jpg, tif formats

Our customers demand engineering activity, cost reduction and planning with cost efficiency. Our production support engineers ensure the best solutions on the critical and important areas. Our continuously developing team of engineers is ready to prepare proper and high level solutions in order to fully satisfy our customers requirements. In case they have the opportunity to join the design work at the early stage, our experienced experts can give you assistance in such solutions that will result in production cost efficiency. These technical specialists work with you in the development of the most effective solutions.

  • Besides the improvement of product manufacturing capabilities we offer a creative production planning opportunity.
  • Consequently, they bring quality to perfection and reduce production costs.
  • When required, they design new technologies, introduce and co-ordinate these.
  • They accomplish experimental production planning and co-ordination.
  • They prepare PPAP and other documentation.

We offer these services of ours as a part of our own, internally and continuously improved program.

For our production process we are basically ensuring the necessary production equipment through two channels:

  • Own designed and produced equipment (tools, clamping equipment, measuring equipment)
  • Equipment designed and produced by subcontractor (tools, clamping equipment, measuring equipment)

Home production:
In order to support high tool demanding production processes and the first tooling of the new projects, an R&D team is working at our company. The experience of the team and the available machine park make it possible for us to design and produce the next production instruments below:

  • The production and regrinding of special machining tools (cutting insert heads, centre drill bits)
  • Clamping equipment and fixtures of CNC lathes and centres
  • Establishment of workstations for the assembly
  • The production of various instruments for measuring, controlling and callipers

Production with subcontractors:
Instruments the fabrication of which requires special machine equipment belong to here. In general, these instruments are needed for the production of semi-finished products that will be machined later.

  • Tools for aluminium pressure die-casting
  • Tools for cold deformation
  • Tools for press forging

Of course, the co-ordination, approval and supervision of the production at subcontractors is the competency of the R&D team.

Our company has wide experiences in the mechanical assembly of medium-volume series.


- Assembly of oil pumps for internal combustion engines, in which we have an experience of more than 10 years.(For the assembly we are using our machined parts and those we have purchased)
- Production of paint spraying equipment operating without air (types for industrial and non-industrial use) For the assembly we are using our machined and stamped parts and those we have purchased)
- Assembly of air-filters.

We have experienced in the Automotive Industry that customers need complex supplying services, a portion of which beyond only producing parts, is mechanical assembly.
Our engineering team is ready to prepare the appropriate, high level solutions and fully satisfy the requirements of the customers.


We can undertake:

  • Preparation and introduction of new assembly technologies.
  • Design, production and co-ordination of the equipment for the proposed technology.
  • Transfer of the already existing assembly activities.
  • Sample design and production.
  • Experimental production planning and co-ordination.
Remark: In VIDEOTON Company Group there are high opportunities for almost any kind of assembly operations (SMD- insertion, electronic assembly and assembly of house-holding appliances, etc.) Please, visit

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