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Enviroment policy


The reduction of wastes caused during the surface treatment, stamping, assembly, sewage-water cleaning and hazardous wastes handling activity.

In order to achieve our targets:

  • We herewith undertake to prevent harms to the environmental pollution caused by our production processes.
  • Hereby, we declare that we will respect the environmental protection regulations, enactment, provision of law, standards and the requirements of authorities responsible, we will keep the corresponding  limit values.
  • We will regularly check the values of our wastes-air space, sewage-water, galvanisation sludge- by measurements
  • In order to be able to observe the environmental protection regulations, we keep maintaining and developing our processes concerning both production and the emission into the environment.
  • We achieve our targets with a well trained staff, as well as, we are continuously forming and developing our employees’ awareness of environmental protection by information and training.
  • We want to meet the requirements by  spending optimal costs.

Our motto:

After Vörösmarty freely:


.... lest man cause pain to the Earth ....
Quality Policy

The target of VT Metal Kft.
Besides of the fulfilment of the customers’ quality requirements, to extend competitive products and services at optimal costs both on the foreign and home market. The Top Management bind themselves to effect the quality policy of the company and continuously develop our system.

In order to achieve our targets:

- We have established and are maintaining a Quality Assurance System which is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard for the production of Metal parts and our surface treatment activity.

- As a supplier of automotive products we are operating our Quality Assurance System complying with the requirements of ISO TS 16949:2002 (QS 9000/VDA 6.1. standards) technical specifications for our automotive parts production and surface treatment processes.

- We bind ourselves to develop our production processes and continuously maintain the already existing ones.

- In order to improve our products and services we regularly evaluate our suppliers we become acquainted with their Quality Assurance System and urge on them the development of their system.

- We are employing well trained staff coming up to the requirements we are forming and developing the quality awareness of our employees by information and training.

- We regard as our final goal the satisfaction of the customer, all employees of our company are working for this.

- In accordance with the customers’ requirements we are continuously developing our Quality Assurance System, and as the result of this, with the improvement of the production and product quality indicators, we are striving to reach the zero failure rate

- Increasing the engagement of the company towards the society, as for protection of health and safety of the population is one of the aspects of our quality policy. Complying with child labor laws and laws prohibiting any form of forced, bonded, or involuntary labor. Our company working only with partners and suppliers who share our commitment to child safety.

Our Motto:

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